Pro Dual Controbing

Pro Dual Controbing Stick

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  • Customized color PERSONALIZED / Dual type PORTABLE / Light FIT
  • The product results may vary depending on your skin tone and type. / The color displayed may vary depending on your screen
  • Pearl tone changes with perspective, accentuates contouring makeup and facial definition
  • The round powder improves the staying power of makeup by absorbing sebum and oil residue while also providing a silky finish
  • Provides a matte finish with light adherence to skin

How to use:

  • Complete a small face with brown cookie shading colors
  • Naturally, touch on your cheekbones and jawline to create a smaller looking face
  • Apply shades for a pretty nose and profound eyes to create a clearer looking face
  • Apply natural shades along the hairline to create a pretty looking facial shape


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