About Us

Yolamo- huge and amazing one-stop closet 

You Reached Us

Welcome To Yolamo. In Yolamo, you are a warmly welcomed guest. Please open Yolamo, this huge and amazing one-stop closet, in which a great many chics are hanging. The elegant, voguish and good quality lingerie, gymwear, accessories in Yolamo are selected by professional fashion buyers who are keeping up with trends. Please pick out every single piece you desire and take them home. Let Yolamo accomplish your beauty.


We Met You

You are always an independent, brave, and confident woman who is particular about the quality of life. You understand that the real beauty is not something build up by external covers, make up or so called luxuries, but the most natural and primitive state of yourself. Your unaffected innocence, your free mind and the true shape of your figure have already showed beauty. Yolamo shares this thought with you and existing for the full performance of your sovereign beauteousness.


Our Story

Our story begins here in 2018 with your participation.